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Does ultrasound therapy have side effects

"Electrotherapy and tissue repair." Sportex-Medicine.
If you do not want or cannot have ultrasound therapy, there are several other forms of physical therapy have according to effects m that may effects treat your pain condition.
Both Nussbaum (1998) and ter Haar (1999) have provided some useful review material with regards the thermal effects of ultrasound.New York, Plenum Press: 151-158.Because the absorption (penetration) is exponential, there is (in theory) no point at which side all the energy has been absorbed, but there is certainly a point at which the US energy levels are not sufficient to produce a therapeutic effect.The difference in impedance is greatest for the steel/air interface which is the first one that the US has to overcome in order to reach the tissues.Ultrasound therapy is used less frequently to destroy and minimize tumors, especially brain tumors. "A review of therapeutic ultrasound: Part therapy 1 - Background and physiological effects Part 2 - The efficacy of ultrasound Part 3 - References." Physiotherapy 76(10 593-600.
"Tendon repair." J Hand Ther 11(2 105-10.
"Metrological aspects ultrasound on therapeutic ultrasound parameters: effective radiating area and non-uniformity ration." Phys Procedia 3(1 643-649.

"The impact of noncontact, nonthermal, low-frequency ultrasound on bacterial counts in experimental and chronic wounds." Ostomy Wound Manage 55(1 22-30 study Shah,.Thus, patients think they megami are healed and they resume normal activities and/or sports and then sometimes reinjured themselves.Among the more effectively heated tissues are periosteum, collagenous tissues (ligament, tendon fascia) fibrotic muscle (Dyson 1981). ."Ultrasound-induced cavitation: applications in drug and gene delivery." Expert Opin Drug Deliv 3(6 713-726.It is suggested that the application of US to injured tissues will, amongst other things, speed the rate of healing enhance the quality of the repair (Watson 2006)."Ligament Injury and Healing: A Review of Current Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutics." Open Rehabilitation Journal 6: 1-20.The inflammatory response is essential to the effective repair of tissue, and the more efficiently the process can complete, the more effectively the tissue can progress to the next phase (proliferation).It is effective at promoting the normality of the inflammatory events, and as such has a therapeutic value in promoting the overall repair events (ter Haar 99, Watson 2008).In order for energy to have an effect it must be absorbed, and at some point this must be considered in relation to the US dosages applied to achieve certain effects (ter Haar, 1999, ibge Watson, 2008, Watson and Young, 2008).The size (length) of the near field can be calculated using r2/l where r the radius of the transducer crystal and l the US wavelength according to the frequency being side used shin (0.5mm for 3MHz and.5mm for.0 MHz).1 following 4 answers.Some claim (anecdotally) that it is very effective whilst others dismiss the technique."The influence of ultrasound on healing tissues." Journal of Hand Therapy 11(2 140-7.Examples firefighting of additional bone related papers include El Bialy et al (2002) who evaluated its effects during distraction osteogenesis.Sparrow et al 2005, Leung et al 2004). "Effects of ultrasound on the orientation of fibroblasts: an in-vitro study." Eur-J-Phys-Med-Rehabil 6(6 180-4.
Essentially, the direction of the US beam through the second medium will not be the same as its path through the original medium - its pathway is angled.
It is not intended to be a complete explanation of these phenomena or a comprehensive review of the current literature. .