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Choujigen game neptune the animation ending

choujigen game neptune the animation ending

Plutia is ending an airhead, speaking slowly and game choujigen etherealy like a person not completely in touch with reality.
At the end, Peashy presents and gives Neptune pudding that she baked.Once the ending arrives, it's as if the whole thing only neptune exists just to game tie up the anime.Nepgear chases Peashy around for her N-Gear, while Plutia shows Compa and IF a picture of their dimensional game counterparts.The Cursed Hell Devil Death Bloody Spectral Tower is a reference to Idea Factory's video game Spectral Tower.For now, they decide to travel back to Planeptune's Basilicom.Noire and Blanc meets their dimensional counterparts and talk to each other.Neptune isn't just cute, but slightly tomboy-ish.They're also imposed with a three-hour choujigen time limit before a gate choujigen back to their dimension opens, an occurrence that can only happen every three years.Dem boobs they were bouncing. Thanks to Neptune, a permanent gate is opened between the Hyper Dimension and the Ultra Dimension.
Her voice has a little muscle.
In Nepgear's room, Compa, IF, Histoire, Neptune, and, vert checks up on a sleeping Nepgear.

Since the two Hyper Dimension CPUs can't transform in the Ultra Dimension, the others are coming with them.Powerful monsters also roam the top floor, so Peashy transforms to handle them.As animation for the OVA itself, it's more focused than the anime.Neptune and game Vert successfully gathered some Shimmering Flowers, but Vert was the only one who was able to travel back to the Hyper Dimension via the gate.With a pixlr new elevator built on the tower, the group manages to travel from 4th floor to the 9,999th floor in two hours.Arfoire, who stuffs ending an eggplant on her mouth as a reward.Looking below, Nepgear sees her sister in dogoo form and starts to multiply and overwhelm her.Arriving in Planeptune's, basilicom, Neptune and Vert meets Histoire's counterpart, a smaller version of what they know.The two end up meeting the dimensional counterparts of Blanc, Vert, and Noire.Setting Neptune and Vert end up traveling in the Ultra Dimension to find the Shimmering Flower.Just like the anime though, it still editor feels game like it doesn't take advantage of the material.It seems that Nepgear has caught the Bad End Syndrome, which puts neptune her in a state of fever and causes her to dream of "bad ends.".Rei in her CPU form at one point in the opening. The ending characters are still vivid, the self-awareness is like no other and the visuals are still beatiful.
Each character has a voice that fits her, defines her up to the small differences.

Overall 6, story 5, animation 10, sound 8, character 9, enjoyment 6, in my review of the original anime, I mentioned how the voice acting was a big weakness.
Blanc and Plutia both have a calm demeanor, choujigen game neptune the animation ending but in different ways.
Providing a bridge between the two dimensions is cool, but that's it?